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Delivery of goods

Information about the delivery of your purchase order

One of our company's priorities is rate of delivery. Modern store-house in the city of Ostrava in the Czech Republic near to D1 highway and our well developed distribution system makes possible deliver all consignments of merchandise in very short delivery dates:

Czech Republic within 24 h*
Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary within 48 h*
Bulgaria, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia and Estonia within 2 up to 4 days*
Other states, please, see the table below – the delivery terms are within 2 up to 5 days*

* - since the time of the particular purchase order confirmation and the payment on the bank account of BAWRN.com s.r.o. has been received.


Delivery within 24 hours in the Czech Republic territory

The delivery period within 24 hours in the Czech Republic territory is possible provided that the purchase order was received not later than 12:00 o'clock. The delivery as well as the shipping is carried out in working days.



Available countries


Our brands MALFINI®, MALFINI Premium®, Piccolio and workwear RIMECK® are distributed to 25 European countries with fast delivery to neighbouring countries. This is facilitated by a modern, fully automated logistics center in Ostrava.

Showrooms Europe



Transportation prices

Transport Co. Destination country Price
DPD Czech Republic  6.76$
DPD Slovakia 7.81$ 
DPD Germany / Austria 11.74$ 
DPD France 18.65$ 
DPD Italy 18.65$ 
DPD Spain 34.36$ 
DPD Belgium 18.65$ 
DPD Great Britain 25.56$ 
DPD Denmark 30.91$ 
DPD Estonia 42.82$ 
DPD Finland 29.18$ 
DPD Switzerland 25.56$ 
DPD Lithuania 18.65$ 
DPD Luxembourg 18.65$ 
DPD Latvia 20.38$ 
DPD Netherlands 18.65$ 
DPD Poland 8.00$ 
DPD Norway 48.69$ 
DPD Sweden 37.81$ 
DPD Ukraine 44.72$ 
DPD Hungary 9.25$ 
DPD Greece 53.35$ 
DPD Bulgaria 27.16$ 
DPD Croatia 15.27$ 
DPD Slovenia 13.47$ 
DPD Romania 7.48$ 
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